Executive Search and Recruitment

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Why choose HR Gruppen and WSGS?

We specialize in executive search and recruitment. This gives you as a customer security in the process through a good supply of candidates, highly qualified and motivated. Thorough and objective assessments and a process that takes care of both the client and candidates. Of course, our process satisfies the criteria in relation to the GDPR and general ethical guidelines

We give a fixed price for the assignment so that the process is clear and predictable for both parties. For higher positions, background check and reputation check are always included.
Focus on building a good reputation for our customers. Through a professional process, we find the best candidate, while we ensure that the candidates not elected have experienced a neat process and a positive impression of your company.

The recruitment process​

Our recruitment process are based on recognized research and the best cost / benefit.

1. Analysis / requirements

In collaboration with the customer, we review the position – framework conditions, responsibilities, work tasks, desired personality profile and experience / background. We put this into a requirements specification that will be our management document in the further process.

Analysis / requirements​

2. Milestone plan and media strategy

At the start of an assignment, a specific milestone plan is prepared to ensure an agreed and good progress on the assignment. This contains information about start and end times, reporting times and form, choice of media strategy, application deadlines, times for interviews and final assessments, as well as the distribution of the client’s and consultant’s responsibilities.

Milestone plan and media strategy

3. Candidate recruitment

Our job is to ensure a good selection of candidates and identify the candidate who is best in relation to the requirements we have specified.

Candidate search

4. Selection and final process

From a “rough sorting” in the start phase, we are often left with 2-5 candidates in the final phase. In the process, we use structured interviews and reference interviews, various personality and ability tests as well as practical work tests.

Selection and final process

5. Warranty and follow-up

We provide a 6-month guarantee on our recruitment assignments. This includes a free new process if the selected candidate ends before 6 months and this can be related to errors / deficiencies in our process. We follow up candidates and customers regularly during this period.

Warranty and follow-up

Trenger du vår hjelp?

Vi tilbyr tjenester innen rekruttering, søk og utvelgelse, organisasjonsutvikling, ombordstigning, styringsstøtte, restrukturering, utplassering og ledelse for utleie.
Vår omfattende ledelseserfaring og nettverk fra en rekke bedrifter og næringer gjør oss i stand til å bistå bedrifter, ledere og eiere med lønnsom forretningsutvikling, effektiv forandring og karriereveiledning. Vi fokuserer på å sikre at bedrifter og folk lykkes i å ta fremskrittet.
Kunder vil dra nytte av våre verdier – nysgjerrig, sjenerøs og kompetent. Som din foretrukne HR-partner er vi klar til å hjelpe deg!​

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​Together with Worls Search Group Scandinavia, our history in Norway and the rest of the Nordic countries goes all the way back to 1982.

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